Let’s Work Together


Deidre Clark

Community Partner & Photographer

I am a daughter of Ensley. My mother gave birth to me at Holy Family Hospital and I spent most of my days and nights in what is now called Tuxedo Terrace but when I was a girl it was known as the Brick Yard. I know the pain gun violence causes; my brother was murdered in Ensley. Ensley is my home and I love her. I am Deidre Clark, founder of Kuumba Community Art.

At Kuumba, we love and appreciate all art forms and understand its positive social and cognitive effect. It is our goal to increase art awareness and appreciation as well as give the children in our community the opportunity to learn to fully express themselves through art. As we reach the children, we reach the family and positively impact our community, our city and ultimately our state.

A few years ago I became obsessed with the idea and principle of Kuumba, a community art center in Ensley. You may ask why Ensley and why art? At its inception all I could tell you was that I wanted it to be in Ensley because that is where I was born and raised. Holy Family Hospital is now a dilapidated building in Ensley. Ensley loved and nurtured me. It didn’t have much to offer but it was and still is my home. I’m a photographer so, it only makes sense that I’d be drawn to the arts and would desire to share that with my community.